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Brain, Spinal and Burn Injuries

Injuries Causing Brain Damage

Brain damage and spinal injuries are some of the most serious injuries we see, as these wounds can be permanent, require intensive and ongoing medical care, and dramatically affect your lifestyle. You or your family members could need to relearn how to express your emotions, speak, eat, drink, walk, write and complete many other common tasks, depending on the extent of the injury and which portion of the brain or spinal cord was affected.

Our personal injury attorneys at Saunders & Chabert are passionate about helping victims and their families recover after accidents that cause devastating brain and spinal damage. We encourage you to out to us for a free consultation about receiving fair financial compensation.

Burn Injuries

Severe burn injuries can result in permanent disfigurement, are excruciatingly painful, and might even reduce your mobility. Some of the most painful injuries that any person can suffer are burn injuries. While there is a great deal of physical pain associated with a burn injury, there is also significant scarring and disfigurement, which often presents its own emotional problems.

If you or someone you love has suffered a burn injury as the result of an auto accident or someone else’s negligence, it may be in your best interest to speak with a lawyer regarding your rights. Our lawyers represent individuals who have suffered burn injuries in Louisiana, including those working in petrochemical plants and oil refineries. Depending on the type and the severity of the burns, you may be eligible to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering associated with the scarring and disfigurement.

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