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Premises Liability

Not Your Everyday Accident

It is the responsibility of property owners and businesses to notify the public of dangerous situations. When property is damaged, or there is a spill creating a dangerous walking surface, action must be taken to protect the public from harm. If damaged property isn’t repaired or spills aren’t cleaned, people can be seriously injured or even killed. Oftentimes, people are unaware they are in an unsafe environment, which can make injuries more severe.

Premises Liability Law also includes measures to protect victims who suffer accidents or injuries due to inadequate security. From improperly trained guards to insufficient alarm systems, a lack of security at a business can lead to serious injuries and even death in the event of criminal activity.

At Saunders & Chabert in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we help injured victims and their families obtain compensation for the various hardships they face after being in an accident. Medical costs, lost wages, long-term care plans and other damages from pain and suffering will be considered when determining the full extent of your losses. If you have lost a loved one or are suffering injuries after an accident, you reach out to Saunders & Chabert about filing a premises liability claim to obtain financial compensation.

When Businesses Fail to Live Up to Their Responsibilities

Our team at Saunders & Chabert has handled numerous premises liability cases involving serious injuries/wrongful death and has the knowledge and financial resources to protect your interests. We have represented clients throughout the Gulf Coast in cases involving:

  • Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents

  • Falling retail merchandise

  • Uneven walking surfaces

  • Building code violations — lack of handrails, inadequate security, improper lighting

  • Improper signage for dangerous conditions

  • Improper design and construction

We have a network of experts and specialists at our disposal who can provide valuable information and can effectively present the full extent of the damages you suffered. With Saunders & Chabert in your corner, you can be sure that you will have a strong advocate by your side through every step in the process.

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