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  • We became personal injury attorneys because we want to help people recover during difficult times.
  • The Saunders & Chabert team uses our legal expertise and personal injury practice experience to help our clients and their families receive full and fair compensation for accidents caused by negligence and recklessness.
  • We have over 50 years of combined personal injury practice experience and a successful record of collecting millions for clients injured in various types of accidents.
  • Based in Baton Rouge, our attorneys have worked on boats and offshore oil rigs in the past, and have a personal understanding of how dangerous these work environments can be and what issues you face.
  • We believe you are entitled to fair compensation for financial and emotional hardships caused by the negligence of someone else. We know accidents can occur at any time, anywhere. While some of these accidents leave victims with minor scratches or bruises, others can have severe consequences. Although the accident may have not been your fault, insurance companies and businesses often try to negotiate unreasonable settlement figures that don’t support your needs.
  • Our mission is to help you recover the compensation you deserve so you can move forward with your life after an accident. With Saunders & Chabert in your corner, you can expect determined and professional representation and guidance as we fight on your behalf.

Free Consultations

You Pay Nothing Unless We Win

Injured in an accident? Schedule a free consultation with Saunders & Chabert’s personal injury lawyers to understand your legal options and start working toward fair compensation. Call (225) 771-8100 or fill out the contact form below.

Steps in Our Process

What should you expect when you partner with Saunders & Chabert? This is the typical process each of our clients goes through on their path to recovering financial compensation.

1) Initial Contact:

Our experienced injury lawyers get to know you and the details of your accident. We walk through a detailed assessment to develop a full understanding of your situation and your financial compensation options.

2) Building Your Case:

If we mutually agree your case is a good fit for our personal injury team, Saunders & Chabert will get to work compiling the facts and evidence needed to support your complaint.

3) Fighting For You:

Although every case timeline is different, you can expect Saunders & Chabert to be here for you throughout the journey. We take the lead in filing your complaint and dealing with insurance companies, big businesses, other lawyers and the courts, if needed, to work toward a settlement. We are dedicated to keeping you informed at every step of the process.

Settlement Before Lawsuit:

Many personal injury complaints can be settled without filing a lawsuit. We will approach the at-fault party directly and negotiate a settlement with their insurance company.

Filing a Lawsuit in Court:

In some cases, filing a lawsuit in court is necessary to receive full compensation. Saunders & Chabert guides our clients through this process, including cases that go to trial, to achieve the best results.

4) Financial Compensation:

Getting fair compensation for our clients is the goal for every one of our cases. We are confident in our ability to fight for your damages, which is why we ensure you don’t pay until your case is settled.