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Changes in Louisiana Law That Will Impact Your Personal Injury Suit 

An image of two lawyers sitting at a desk, talking about the Changes in Louisiana Law that will impact your personal injury suit.

Author: Henri M. Saunders Tort reform was a hot topic in last year’s gubernatorial election. As a result, many people ask us questions about tort reform laws and how they will affect Louisiana personal injury law. To address these questions, let’s provide an overview of what tort reform is, Louisiana’s recent tort reform laws, and […]

Suffering Emotional Distress Caused By a Car Accident? What to Do 

Suffering Emotional Distress Caused By a Car Accident? - An image of a woman in a car with negative energy.

Author: Landyn A. Gautreau It’s not unusual to experience emotional distress after a car accident. This can include severe anxiety, being unable to drive, being afraid to ride in a car, and having difficulty with everyday tasks. While this is scary and difficult, there are ways you can get compensation and support if you’ve experienced […]