At the law firm of Saunders & Chabert in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our attorneys have actually worked in shipyards, fabrication yards, on offshore structures and on commercial vessels. We have a personal understanding of how dangerous these jobs can be and the issues you face. When you meet with us, you will immediately notice how much we care about your concerns, and we want to make you feel comfortable speaking with us.

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Protecting Workers and Boaters Along the Gulf

Louisiana’s economy is shaped by the Mississippi River and all of the shipping activity it brings to our state. Similarly, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast in general is a major hub for oil drilling, and there are thousands of residents and tourists who use our waterways for personal enjoyment. When accidents happen and people are injured, our experienced lawyers are ready to help them make sense of the situation.

If you have been injured in an offshore or river accident, there are specific maritime and admiralty laws that can help you seek recovery. These laws include:

These laws impose a certain duty of care on employers, such as boat vessel operators and oil field businesses, to provide employees and contractors a safe work environment. We know how these laws may apply to your case and will work to obtain the compensation you need to recover.

BP/Transocean Disaster

We are currently involved in litigation regarding the BP/Transocean oil rig accident and resulting oil spill, representing maritime workers and commercial fisherman. If you have any questions regarding this catastrophe or may be affected by this, please call us to discuss your rights.

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