At Saunders & Chabert in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we represent clients who work on the water or on offshore rigs, as well as those who were injured in recreational boating accidents. Our attorneys are avid, experienced boaters and have an appreciation for both the pleasures and dangers of boating. We represent workers throughout the Gulf Coast in serious injury and wrongful death cases, and we also represent individuals involved in recreational/pleasure boating accidents, helping to protect their rights when injured by the negligence of others. We work to help them determine the best possible options and keep them informed throughout the legal process.

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Protecting Your Rights With Unyielding Determination

If you have been injured in a commercial vessel accident or recreational boating accident, there are specific maritime and admiralty laws that may apply to you. These laws include:

Our attorneys are passionate about helping injured people and highly skilled in dealing with injuries on the water. You can rely on our firm’s ability to build a strong legal case for you while providing the personalized service that you deserve.

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