Jones Act | What it is, and How it Can Help You

Two harbor workers going over paperwork

Many people are familiar with liability in the context of someone being held responsible for the injuries of another due to negligence or similar. When that happens, the injured party has the ability to make a claim through a lawsuit and, if proven, can seek recovery via damages. However, the ocean and maritime laws for many years were different. The legal assumptions people automatically assume happen on land were not the same on the water. This is where the Jones Act comes into play.

The Jones act was put in place to protect seaman’s rights. This applies to anyone working in an official function on navigable waters. That includes the captains as well as the deckhands, officers and the longshoremen. If any such persons become injured in the course of their work, due to the negligence of another, or failure to maintain the ship or piece of equipment, they have a right to restitution. If you or a loved one have been injured, a skilled maritime injury attorney who knows the laws regarding injuries on the water, will be knowledgeable in how the Jones act applies to your specific case, and be able to help you defend your rights.

After an accident has occurred, the claim must be filed within 3 years. A Mississippi maritime attorney at Saunders & Chabert Attorneys at law, can help you file your claim correctly and on time. They can advise you on how to move forward, and give you valuable advice for your case.

This act helps you to claim damages such as wage loss, medical expenses, support for family members, pain and suffering, funeral expenses and other damages as well. Because of the complexities of Maritime law, skilled attorneys end up being the front line of defense for local seamen. If you’ve been injured, or know someone who has while working on navigable waters or the ocean, Saunders & Chabert can help. With specialized skill and experience as Maritime attorneys in Mississippi and Louisiana, our offices have handled multiple cases for those who have worked on the seas and river ways, providing critical legal protection and recovery otherwise not available. Let our attorneys help you.