Common Questions About Maritime Law

Ship at Dock

Much like any other profession, those working at sea need to be protected in the event of an accident or intentional injury towards them. However, because much of their work takes them into waters outside of state boundaries or even national boundaries, it can become quite tricky to provide justice. This is where Maritime or Admiralty law comes in. Here are some common questions regarding maritime law:

What s Maritime law?
Maritime law, which is also referred to as Admiralty law, is the specific type of law that covers activities on the water or at sea. These laws apply to fishermen, deckhands, ship captains, oil rig workers, merchant seamen, harbor workers, marine construction workers, recreational boaters, and many others who are on or near the sea.

What is the Jones Act?
The Jones Act was created to protect seamen (individuals who primarily work on vessels) and create a stronger shipping industry for the United States. The act provides seamen with a variety of protections, such as providing compensation for lost wages and creating a safer environment for them.

Involved in an Accident? Who Should You Call According to Maritime Law?
This all depends on what part of the sea the accident occurred. For example, if the accident occurred three miles offshore, it is recommended to contact the Coastguard. If the accident occurred closer than three miles, then it’s likely that you’re within state boundaries, and thus a maritime injury attorney would recommend calling that city’s sheriff.

If I am injured on the Water, do I Need an Attorney?
Yes. If you have been injured on a river, a lake, or at sea, you need professional help to get the compensation you deserve. Any injury is difficult to cope with, and it is even more difficult to juggle that with the legal side as well. A skilled maritime injury attorney will be able to help you with your personal injury case, while you focus on recovering.

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