Accident on the water | Why you need an attorney

Ship on the waterIf you’ve worked on an oil tanker, push boat, or fishing boat in the Mississippi Delta region, you know how that accidents can happen. The same holds true if you like to get out on the water with your own boat for fun with family and friends. Unfortunately, these scenarios can sometimes result in a serious accident. Since most accident victims are not familiar with the laws associated with maritime accidents, you should contact a maritime injury attorney for legal guidance if you or a loved one have been injured in an accident.

Negligence on the Water
Just like it would be if you were struck by a vehicle on dry land, the laws pertaining to negligence also apply on the water. Thus, if you are injured due to a person who was operating a boat while drunk, or perhaps were working for a company that failed to maintain their boat and thus put you in an unnecessarily dangerous situation, you need expert guidance to help you receive maximum compensation. This process can be complicated, and it may be difficult to know where to start, especially while you are dealing with an injury. This is where an attorney can help. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge to get professional help.

Maritime Law
A highly-specialized area of law, maritime law applies to those working and playing on or near the water. Thus, whether you are a deckhand, recreational boater, or even a diver or marine construction worker, we can provide comprehensive legal representation to help you take full advantage of such aspects of maritime law including the Jones Act, Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and other laws included in the area of personal injury.

If you have suffered a maritime accident and are now trying to recover from serious injuries, figure out how to pay medical bills, and replace lost income, hire an attorney who is skilled in all areas of maritime law. Schedule a free consultation today with a Baton Rouge Maritime Injury attorney at Saunders & Chabert Attorneys at Law.